Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sunday Funday

This past weekend was Halloween weekend.  Mark always takes that weekend off so that we can decorate with Sean.  They really have fun decorating the porch and getting ready to scare people.  It's really not very frightening but they have fun.

On Sunday we had a really nice family outing.  We went to Strawberry Hill, which is Cooley Farms in Chesnee.  They have a really nice pumpkin patch, corn maze and hay rides.  Sean went with his kindergarden class a few weeks ago and he wanted us to go.

This is just outside the entrance.  These scarecrows are on the main road and welcome all who come.  They are lifesize and really cool!

As you start on the hayride, this is one of the first sights you see.  I really like that Halloween is in the fall and the colors were at their peak when we went.

Entrance to the corn maze.  We didn't do the corn maze because we feel that Sean is just a little young.  Maybe next year.

In order to get into the "fun" area, you had to ask Mr. Troll if you could cross his bridge.  Of course he said yes.

After crossing Mr. Troll's bridge, one of the first things you get to do is feed the cows.  Feeding the baby was fun!  He was a hungry little thing!

The next stop was the pick picking area.  Two "volunteers" got to catch a pig.  Of course, when they caught the pig it squealed and pooped! It was funny!

Then we got to the Pumpkin Patch.  Lots of pumpkins for the kids (and for the moms and dads).  They had this area set up as a play area for the kids.  It was a nice place for a break from the tractor/hayride.

Sean enjoyed the tire swings!

And the tractor!

I enjoyed my son!

I really enjoyed spending the day with both my boys!