Saturday, February 11, 2012

Two Months...

...that's how long I've been quit smoking!  It's funny, I don't say, "It has been two months since my heart attack." but "two months since I quit smoking".  The two go hand in hand.  It has been two months since I had a heart attack and two months since I quit smoking.  I can't believe it!  I am so proud of me!  On the Quitnet site you design a T-shirt on your two month anniversary - it's a virtual shirt of course.  I designed mine this morning and then went to Cafepress to order one I had seen.  The one I liked, and ordered, says, "You can't scare me, I quit smoking cold turkey."  Well, you could also design your own T-shirt!!!!  How awesome is that!  Yes, I designed one and ordered it!  It is pink and on the front it has three things - An "I Quit" cigarette ribbon, then N.O.P.E. in green letters and then a heart.  N.O.P.E stands for Not One Puff Ever.  On the back, in the same green letters it simply says, "DFS" which is the easiest way to quit smoking, "Don't Fucking Smoke".  I can't wait until it or they get here!

Anyway, off to do some grocery shopping.  Later all!

These are the designs but the word is in the middle.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thank You God!

The test results were good! Or as good as they can get - the nodule is unchanged and unspecified and my doctor says that's good, no cancer.  Follow up in 6 months.  Sooooo....

With all that behind me and the future looking better I'm getting started on my way to good health!  I will be eating right, exercising, not smoking - did I mention that it has been 56 days since I had a cigarette? - and doing better on everything.  I've managed to "lose myself" and I'm going to find me again.  I know I'm in there, just gotta get me back out.

So, I will lose 50 pounds, yes 50!  I will eat healthy and control my diabetes.  I will, for this week, walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes every day and dance for 20 minutes every day.  That's my cardio work out.  I will drink at least one bottle of water every day (hey, that's a lot for me) and cut back on my coffee.  I won't stop by McDonalds and get sweet tea daily - if I go I will get unsweet tea.

There is a person on the Quitnet that is an inspiration to me.  Her screen name on the quit CarlyKicksButts and she is just amazing! I've been reading her blog and the way she is doing things and it has given me some ideas.  I know that I can do this and I will.  Her blog is about the "next right choice" and that's what getting healthy is about - making the next right choice.

I know it won't all happen overnight and it will take hard work.  It's about the hard work, and the end result but it's also about the journey and this is the journey through my eyes.