Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today I made a very important decision.  It was a tough one to make but the right one in the long run.  I'm afraid of the unknown but ready for the change.

I manage a Pizza Hut.  I love the job, well, most days I do.  I love most of my team members and the customers are awesome!  However, it is time for me to leave.  I love my family more and my son is the most important person to me.  He starts kindergarten on Monday and I've decided that I am going to spend more time with him.  The years are going by too fast.  I work 60 hours a week at a minimum.  Sean doesn't get that from me.  He gets what is left.  What is wrong with that?  Everything!!!!  Today, when I go to work, I am sending my area manager an e-mail with my two week notice.  I will be applying for a job where I can work less.  Oh, the money at Pizza Hut is great and it will be missed but it's time!

So, my journey takes a new path.  One that, hopefully, will be the right path for me and my family.

The light of my life, the reason for my decision, the reason for ray of sunshine!

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