Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ready to Relax

Oh it has been a long week!  Or maybe two or three, I've forgotten!  And HOT! Oh my goodness has it been hot!  The humidity has been just awful and no one can stand to be outside for long.  Those things have made for a very tense me!

Today I got to leave work early.  I worked a full shift but it was still early when I left at three.  I drove to Seans school and picked him up, a surprise for him since he thought Daddy was going to do the pick up.  We drove home and I changed my clothes and got ready to relax.

The weather today was just beautiful!!  The temperature has been in the upper to high 90's since June.  The humidity made it feel worse!  Today, the temperature was 88 degrees with very low humidity!  A gentle breeze was blowing and it felt wonderful outside!

I went out and sat down in my lawn chair, ready to look at the clouds.  Mark and Sean came outside and Mark brought me a white russian - one of my favorite drinks!  Oh yes, relaxation has begun!

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