Monday, September 5, 2011

A Fun Day...Finally!

So, after a year or better, we finally got a fun day that was not interrupted with a phone call from Pizza Hut!  A day with just us to do whatever we want to do!  I had such a great day!

We went to Campbell's Covered Bridge in Gowansville.  It is the only remaining covered bridge in South Carolina.  We have been before but they have done some work to the area and installed some picnic tables and really made it nice.  I love it there!

Sean had fun splashing in the water.  I forgot to take him a change of clothes so we wouldn't let him sit in the water or really get down and dirty in it but he still had fun.

I took lots of pictures.  These are my favorites!
The Bridge 
Splashing Fun

Even Baxter and Rafiki enjoyed the day!

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