Monday, September 12, 2011

Sad Today

I had a doctors appointment today.  She did my physical and then told me she was scheduling me for a mammogram.  I know that I need one every year, after all - I'm past the golden age of 40.  She said she felt some "thickening" in both breast.  I, of course, got nervous.  I'm pretty optomistic about everything so I wasn't worried.  Then I came home...

When I got home I got on Facebook.  I'm addicted to Facebook and seeing what is happening in my friends lives.  Today my friends son had  posted on his mom's page, "I have to woefully tell you that mom passed away this morning."  What?! Not my Dara!  She has battled breast cancer for the past few years and was doing so well.  The cancer got her!  And now I am more worried!  I'm ready for the mammogram today! But I have to wait until the appointment is scheduled.

I will miss Dara and, even though I hadn't seen her in a while, I will miss her smile.  I will miss the e-mails we sent and the chats on Facebook! 

Rest In Peace Dara - you made an impact on my life!
This is Dara and one of her "kids".  She taught pre-school and loved it!  She called all the kids in her class "Dara's Kids".

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