Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Good Day

Sean has started asking for a brother.  Yes, he's at that age.  He knows that he is an only child and that his dad and I are older.  He wants someone to play with and to grow up with.  We thought about adopting and we investigated the process.  After approval it could take 6 months to 3 years.  We just don't have that long to wait.  So, we got him a brother AND a sister!  Now, we didn't do it illegally.  We just borrowed my cousins kids.

We were babysitting Jaden when Sean and Jaden were just two years old.  When Brooklyn was born we started babysitting her too.  Then I had to get a real job so I stopped keeping them.  Yesterday we had Krissy (my cousin) bring them to the park and then we brought them home with us.  We decided to start getting them every other weekend and so, Sean has a brother and a sister and we have joint custody - LOL.

Took tons of pictures at the park.  Here are some of them.

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